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Golden Stingers

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The Golden Stingers Dance Team was established in 2017 when Freedom Elementary School opened its doors as the 28th Elementary School for United Independant School District.  Under the leadership of Mrs. Laura De Los Santos and Mrs. Stephanie Silva, the Golden Stingers Dance Team was initiated by Mrs. Isabel Guevara and Ms. Laura Yancy as a way to motivate young girls at the campus. The purpose of having this extracurricular activity at the campus is to motivate our youth to becoming the future leaders of our community and the role models that our campus needs. 


Currently, the Golden Stingers are sponsored by

Mrs. Isabel Guevara, Ms. Elizabeth Duron, and Ms. Laura Yancy.

Golden Stingers

For more information about the Dance Team or how you can become a future Stinger, please contact

(956)473-1629 or  

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