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5th Grade

Germ filled hand

Infection Detection

”Learning how communicable diseases can be spread and what to

do to stop the spread.”


Students are currently working on their

Project Lead the Way Module: Infection Detection.


Activity 1: Germs, Germs Everywhere 

In the first part of the module, sutdents used “glow germs” and the 7UP Game in order to show the spread of germs. Not only were they able to demonstrate how easily and rapidly germs can be spread from person to person, they were also able to identify who had begun the infection. At the end of the activty, students were able to identify “patient zero”, or the person who began the infection and cure them. 

Principal interacting with students during infection detection module    Assistant Principal interacting with students during infection detection module    7UP Game: Infection Detection ModuleAssistant Principal showing     UV light showing



Activity 2: Preventing the Spread 

In the second part of the module, students have been desgining and implementing their experiments on hand cleanliness in order to demonstrate how we can stop the spread of germs/bacteria from person to person. Students are learning about the importance of following the scientific inquiry process in order to achieve their results. 


Activity 3: Infection Fighters 

In the third part fo the module, students explore the body’s defenses and illustrate how the body fights an invasion from gersm.